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The cockfighting report 's going on. Thanks Sidney. I want to know more. It's so interesting for a frenchy.
Have a great day Sidney


I was surprised at the size of the arena. The cross ventilation is so practical and free. Great shots.


Interesting reportage


I like the thatched nipa roofs, although I hope they are sturdy to withstand the pressure. Very lax building safety codes if they exist at all but structures like these and the frenzied activities would make for a great oil painting subject! The cocks alone are colorful by themselves. I am amazed at the different events you cover. You must travel frequently and perhaps to places most Filipinos dare not go? The "siesta" (sleeping)coverage was excellent! The Philippines is a rich trove of human energy, very colorful, very captivating and I wish I was there painting the scenes. A beautiful and fascinating land and people but also full of contradictions.

I would think you would have gone to the "Central Market" of any town on market day by now and capture the hustle and bustle of people and activities. Did I miss that on your archives?

Gérard Méry

Il s'agit toujours des combats de coqs, la foule à l'air d'adorer.
bonne journée et merci de vos visites.


ei sidney! great work (as usual) on covering tupadas. for far-flung areas, this is still a sunday event to look forward to as recreation/past-time although manila has its fair share of arenas like these


wow...really huge space!!! look like boxing ring:-P great capture


Amazing, simply amazing.
How such a trivial thing can attract that many people.


What you don't see in the tourist brochures, great work.


I agree with anton!!


wow, this is getting serious


Good grief! It looks like 'Mad Max: The Thunderdome'. ;)

Mike Dougan

I never realised it got this busy at a derby!

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